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Nrimo Ing Pandum

Java Sky, 2016
There is an unwitting obligation to always opt for the right ones during our (well, normally) 16-year education full of Q&As in order that we might survive those years and the other years afterwards. We used to get assured that there's an A for every Q, like the intersection of demand and supply represents a perfect equilibrium (in a competitive market). Though, we're then faced by the fact that not every Q&A can be treated as a mathematical truth where 3-1=2, real life is far more complicated than that and unfortunately the idea of ceteris paribus¹ cannot be applied as change is the only constant. 
We're too busy so we demand quicker A for every Q we have, we often forget the existence of an H in the midst of Ws. There's a common theme shared by those Ws, they all relate to something concrete.  Q1. Who brought the cake? Q2. What cake is it? Q3. When did you make the cake? Q4. Where did you bake the cake? Q5. Why is it too sweet? Q6. How did you make it? …

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